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Competition - Renovation of Underpass

Client: town Zlín
Programme: underpass
Status: renovation
Phase: competition
Usable area: 1700m2
Dates: Draft 2011

The competition addressed both underground and aboveground parts of the underpass between the Náměstí Práce square and the marketplace, along with the entrance to the premises of the former gate to a factory area. We strove to link all parts functionally, unify them and make them more eased architecturally as well as in materials used. The key element was the pattern protruding into the northern entrance portal of the underpass, turning into a dropped ceiling structure. In addition, the pattern was used for aboveground objects in the roof lamellas and at the surrounding decorative areas for urban greenery containers. We decided to keep the aboveground object of the underpass, because we can see a potential for a town café with a terrace and outdoor seats on the southward side towards the greenery. We left the existing commercial premises in the underpass, but we used new materials and design for them. The key elements included the aforementioned lamellar pattern of the dropped ceiling with lighting and the electronic multifunctional advertising space opposite the shops. In addition, the design newly addressed materials of the floor, wall and shop window surfaces. Naturally, we expanded the green urban areas, and added a new staircase and lifts at the northern entrance to the underpass. The Town of Zlín is distinctive for its Baťa construction. It is noted for rationality, functionality and modest aesthetics, while maintaining a very high architectural quality. This is what we also strove to achieve with our revitalisation design.