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Competition - Kindergarden

Client: town Semily
Programme: kindergarden
Status: new house
Phase: competition
Usable area: 1002m2
Dates: Draft 2015

The land for the intended kindergarten is located on a plane plot on the outskirts of the Town of Semily. The location is situated in a quiet part of the town, next to a dead end street. The nearby buildings include premises of a vocational school with pavilion structures, as well as solitary little villas. From the southern side, the land is linked to a large slope with allotted gardens.

The main idea of our concept is to create a shelter for the children, where they should feel safe. For us, this means building a structure whose occupied spaces will be oriented towards the green interior atrium. The design of the kindergarten's mass consists of the central mass, composed of two L-shaped masses, the sides of which are reversed to each other. The north-western mass consists of the kindergarten itself, while the south-eastern mass is composed of a ground mound. The northern section of the land concerned includes the main entrance into the land to the aforementioned parking area in the northern section. The kindergarten building, along with the ground mound planted with greenery, form an enclosed space of children's playgrounds, a sort of an atrium separated by the building and by the mound from the exterior surroundings, but oriented, along with occupied rooms, to the south-east, preferably towards the sun.

The kindergarten layout is structured into two zones, a conventional kindergarten and a Waldorf one. These are located in the opposite wings, which are separated by an entrance hall. Lengthwise, the kindergarten building is divided into a three-wing structure with an interior corridor, used as kindergarten cloakrooms at the same time. Classrooms, bedrooms and teachers' common rooms are located along the open south-eastern façade. Across the corridor, along the exterior side of the building, there are management offices, cloakrooms and support facilities for teachers, utility rooms, and a kitchen with its support facilities.

We see the kindergarten building as an enclosed composition of the kindergarten building itself and of the opposite ground mound with greenery and a garden added inside. A unifying façade, made of wooden vertical plates, envelops the entire perimeter of the kindergarten. The main entrance into the building is suggested by a significant opening of this façade.