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Competition - New Town Hall

Client: municipality lázně bělohrad
Programme: town hall
Status: new house
Phase: competition
Usable area: 1100m2
Dates: Draft 2017

We designed the new Lázně Bělohrad city hall as a modern institution integrating into the existing environment. In contrast to the existing house in poor condition, pressed into the corner of the square to the edge of the square, the new house is connected to the original village square by a boarding piazza lined with two wings. The main volume of the house - the office follows the scale of the square, towards the garden and the river, the second volume of the house - the hall and meeting rooms are gradually reduced in the parking pergola. The openness of the office is presented by the glazed parterre in the arcade of the house and the glazed openings of the facade. Fine detail on the tiling refers to the characteristic original wooden cottages. The new town hall is a dignified end to the square and the business card of the village.

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