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Competition - Renovation of Culturalhouse

Client: town Vodňany
Programme: culturalhouse
Status: renovation
Phase: competition
Usable area: 2470m2
Dates: Draft 2012

The location concerned is situated at the southern outskirts of the town centre of Vodňany. The existing building of the municipal cultural centre no longer meets today's requirements.

The composition of the new building is still primarily dominated by the original prism of the super-elevated hall, circled by ascending mass, partly original with a new function, as well as newly added with the required content.

The social foyer, with entrances into the main cultural premises of the library, the small and large halls, opens up to the north – to the park greenery towards the historic core of the town. The new entrance façade will showcase the cultural centre's life, and its breakage will lure visitors into the social foyer. The individual functional units of the cultural centre can operate separately and are independent of each other.

The southern side provides entrance into backstage premises of the large cultural hall and onto the elevated floor, where premises for cultural societies of the town, including their support facilities, are located. The south-western corner includes a covered entrance into the children's centre, a café with a kids corner and the children's section of the library. Auxiliary premises for societies and a maternity centre are situated on the southern side of the building, linked to a new park with a children's playground and space for relaxation in greenery.

The eastern side of the cultural centre is surrounded by the park greenery. In its southern section, it is supplemented with transport serviceability facilities and a place for a 'green' solution to an occasional parking during larger cultural events.