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Competition - Town and socialhouse SOKEC

Client: town Hrušovany u Brna
Programme: town and socialhouse
Status: new house
Phase: competition
Usable area: 1553m2
Dates: Draft 2016

The Hrušovany u Brna village is missing typical central village square, space for common life. Even we are not trying to build such a square inside of the village block between the Masarykova and Havlíčkova streets. We are designing the Sokec site as a modern space for village life. From the meeting of children, parents, seniors within nice space, organizing diverse cultural and sport events or traditional craft fair and trades in internal or external spaces. We want to fluently interconnect the street life to the building and courtyard of the Sokec site. We do not want the new object to be merged with surroundings and people would pass it without noticing. The ground level is glazed and opens into the passage leading visitors into the courtyard. The façade follows the neighbouring buildings and continuously filling the street front. With the shape and skylights on the roof the object resonate with opposite school object. At the same time with all mentioned it uses modern architectural expression and style. We believe such a site will become integrated part of the village life, serving well to the inhabitants but can be as well good display of the village.