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Family House in Jindřichův Hradec

Client: private
Programme: family house
Status: new-build
Phase: project
Usable area: 172m2
Dates: Draft 2021

The study addresses the design of a two-generation family house in a former gardening colony in the Radouňka district in the northern part of Jindřichův Hradec. The elongated plot slopes to the south, towards the river Nežárka. From the northern part, the land is adjacent to a residential area characterized by stabilized development of family houses with a height of two floors and an attic. To the east and west of the plot there is a gardening colony characterized by plots of land with garden huts and lush greenery. The area in the Land Register is considered to be development and is expected to be built up with family houses of an urban character. The land is accessible via the existing purpose road.

Our proposal responds to the elongated proportion of the land in which we insert two basic linear volumes, which overlap in the middle, thus creating a space for family gatherings protected by a levitating roof. Due to the sloping nature of the terrain, the individual volumes are shifted in height so as to respect the small scale and rhythm of the surrounding environment.

The layout of the house is divided into two wings meeting in the central part, where the main social area of ​​the house with kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace and two adjoining terraces. Individual bedrooms with appropriate sanitary facilities and quiet zones offering family members privacy are then placed in the wings.

The supporting structure of the house is wooden. Perimeter walls are designed from wooden horizontal beams Kontio. The roof of the house is also designed from a beam structure with insulation and an extensive green roof. The foundations of the house will be in the form of concrete strips. The house will be heated by a heat pump with boreholes.


exterior visualisation
exterior visualisation
exterior visualisation
interior visualisation
top-view visualisation
site plan
exterior axonometry
groundfloor and first floor plan
longitudinal section
interior axonometry
western elevation
southern and northern elevation
eastern elevation