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Reconstruction - Old Railstation

Client: Náruč z.s.
Programme: retail house
Status: reconstruction
Phase: project
Usable area: 426m2
Dates: Draft 2013

Although the land is situated in the close vicinity of a railway line, it is also part of the greater centre of the Town of Řevnice. With its position, the location has a large potential to incorporate more municipal functions and services. The investor strove to open the place to Řevnice people and visitors for refreshments, relaxation, holding cultural and other public events. This is why, from the very beginning, the design envisaged not only a reconstruction of the building but also modifications to the neighbourhood, including a construction of a garden gazebo with a refreshments facility and toilets. The original building, simple in shape, with a pitched roof, coming from the early 20th century, lacks any strong details, with façades structured by window openings, horizontally arranged ledges and vertical pilasters. The complicated adaptation of the building's layout was due to its previous different use. The investor required renovating the building to employ fellow citizens with disabilities; the ground floor with a small homemade food production facility and a shop to sell products; the elevated floor with arts workshops and social services; the attic as community space, a gallery, an education centre, etc. The design eliminated the interior staircase and newly designed a separate convenient staircase and a lift outside the building. The plaster, which was peeling off, was scraped away, and the bare masonry was unified by colour coating. Damaged window flanging was replaced with section steel frames, which were also added to glass shop windows at the corner. The steel frame and glass panels also occurred at the staircase extension with a lift. New details were added to the building, but its original spirit of railway industrial architecture was preserved.