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Client: privat
Programme: villa
Status: new house
Phase: preliminary study
Usable area: 352m2
Dates: Draft 2011

The designed villa is situated in the northern part of the Town of Zlín, called Valachův žleb. Although the ground sloping is somewhat complicated, everything is counterbalanced by all-day sunshine inside, the view and the vicinity of a forest. The investor required a multi-generational house to serve a young family and grandparents. It was intended to bring the two generations together, allowing their direct co-living, while maintaining enough privacy for both of them. The client's requirements, the ground configuration and the land orientation gave rise to the basic idea of modelling the house as two overlapping concrete prisms embedded in the slope, with a southward glass panelled surface overlooking outside and towards the sun. On the ground, both sections are linked by a wooden terrace, adjacent to an outdoor swimming pool embedded in the slope. Inside, the houses are linked by their shared basement with a relaxation zone, technical facilities, storage spaces and a guest room on the ground area. A suspended loft is located above the young family's glass-panelled ground floor, overlapping the roof of the ground-floor senior section. Given the descending ground, the mass of the house logically descends with the sloping ground. The terrace is linked to the main residential spaces of both houses. The grandparents' residence is designed on a single level, including a bedroom, a bathroom and a toilet. The young family's bedroom, with children's rooms and a working room, and a gallery leading to a dining room are designed on an elevated floor.