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About us

NEW HOW is an architecture firm, whose work builds upon experience of the previous firm and individual work by its founding members, arch. David Zámečník and arch. Filip Havliš.

Both schoolmates from the Faculty of Architecture at the Brno University of Technology graduated in 2000. Shortly after finishing school, they began to work together by participating in architectural competitions. An important moment for their further development came in 2011, when they both met in Prague after a long period. One year later they set up a joint architecture firm entitled, there. Since then, they have designed tens of implementations and projects of diverse types and dimensions.

Most of their work consists of residential and commercial architecture / classic archi /. However, apart from this, the firm was given opportunities to design several projects in mountainous areas / mountain archi /, which involved use of the latest technologies not only from the construction sector. Over the course of time, the architects incorporated this inspiration into their own new view of the development of architecture / new archi /.

This experience and the effort for reaching an international dimension of their work and thought eventually led to the transformation of the firm into NEW HOW, a new brand better representing this new view of architectural work.

Over its existence, the firm has received several awards in architectural contests, and its projects and implementations have been published in specialist media. The greatest success of the architects to date has been their winning the international architectural competition for the New Cottage of Kežmarok in the High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia. Without modesty, we can say that this has been probably the only domestic architecture firm in the EU history so far to win an international architectural competition outside the territory of the Czech Republic.

Whether they design small items, interiors, houses or urban areas, the architects always strive to create and work with the client during their design process, i.e. from blueprint to implementation. Over the years of their experience, they have checked that this is the only way to guarantee a quality outcome and the final satisfaction on both sides.

In addition to preparing designs on behalf of their architecture firm, the architects work with the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague and with selected media to popularise architecture in the Czech Republic.

Our story


completion of cafe Modrý Domeček reconstruction, Řevnice
/ published in magazine “Dolce Vita” - june 2016 /

3rd price, architecture competition for library and town center, Úvaly, Czech Republic

atelier transformation to NEW HOW architects, Prague


apartment interior realization, Prague – Prosek

launch book “Česká Stopa v Tatrách” /Czech Trace in Tatras/, PaedDr. Mikuláš Argalács
/ - requested entry upon author wish /

start of FA ČVUT cooperation

expert survey of newspapers “Lidové Noviny”, LN


apartment interior realization, Prague – Břevnov
/ published on “”, january 2015 /

reconstruction project for Old train station, Řevnice


founding of architecture atelier, Prague

family house realization, Kostelec u Křížku
/ published in book “99 domů II” /99 Houses II/ /


vila project, Zlín – Valachův Žleb

reconstruction project for Chata Na Rozcestí, Krkonoše /Giant Mountain/

first competition with arch. O. and Z. Novosad


family house realization, Všenory
/ published in slovakian magazine “Atrium”, autumn 2016 and magazine “Home” 11-12/2016 /


apartment interior realization, Prague – Dejvice
/ published on “”, june 2015 /


family house realization, Přezletice
/ published in magazine “Rezident”, summer 2015 /


interior realization of BBH attorney, Prague
/ finalist of the competition Czech Design, interior category /


competition cooperation by FH and DZ


Master's degree at the Faculty of Architecture, VUT Brno
Dissertation project – New faculty of Architecture
/atelier by prof. ing. arch. Ivan Ruller and ing. arch. Karel Doležel/ 

Master's degree at the Faculty of Architecture, VUT Brno
Dissertation project – New faculty of Architecture
/atelier by prof. ing. arch. Miloslav Masák/
4th place at Dissertation project display organized by Czech Chamber of Architects
3rd price, architecture competition for Funeral Ceremonial Hall in Opava