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Competition - Renovation of the Kabeláč Mill Slatiňany, 2017

Competition - Renovation of the Kabeláč Mill

The site of the Kabeláč watermill in Slatiňany is situated on the riverbank of Chrudimka river, below local castle. The mill is at the end of the built-up area on the river bank below castle and create border between the housing and castle green forest park. Nearness of the castle, opportunity for nice walk and good car access, that all makes the place very attractive and suitable for various cultural and social events. Terrain behind the mill steeply rises up towards the castle, the difference is the whole floor level. We purify original object up to the old mill room and get back the saddle roof, completed for a modern element of glazed attic room. We add to this rightly dominating object two ground level pavilions formed with the shape of plot and mill water drive. From that arises a composition of main multi-story historical object constricted from east and west with newly built single-story pavilions. From the north, between the pavilions is placed central entrance area accessing social parts of the center. The refreshing nature elements of the proposal are recovered water drive and green stripe in atrium between the west pavilion and supporting wall bellow the road to castle.

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