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Competition - Town Library and Socialhouse /3rd place/ Úvaly, 2016

Competition - Town Library and Socialhouse /3rd place/

The competition was held to build a new library with a community centre for the Town of Úvaly. The location was selected in the Náměstí Arnošta z Pardubic square, which is quite heterogeneous. From the town-planning perspective, we wanted the design to unify the existing diverse built-up area as much as possible, and form a natural landmark of the square at the same time. The library, as a knowledge and meeting centre, was to be appropriately great. The mass /vertical/ design is based on the traditional division of the building: the lower façade, the building's body and the roof/additional storey. The design responds to the structuring of the nearby buildings, but uses contemporary elements and appearance. Towards the courtyard, the mass is recessed and refines the scale of the building. From the square, the building is linked to the row of buildings in the street by its scale, façade orientation and its passage-way into the courtyard. This is where it tends to resemble the garden pavilion. The most important lower façade of the building is open as much as possible, with the mass of the hall being enveloped from the sides by the free space of the pavilion, the garden, the passage-way and the entrance foyer. Higher storeys, where checks and calm are required, include a separated library space. The building's façades are designed by individual levels. The lower façade is made of large glass panels and full metal panels, with coloured glass frames. The wall along the passage-way is made of bricks of the demolished building. The elevated floor façades are designed out of concrete panels, perforated with round holes as needed. These deliver the required quantity of light and provide the view; at the same time, they prevent overheating by the sun. The roof is made of grey titanium-zinc sheet metal.

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