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Cottage in Závist Nová Ves pod Pleší, 2021

Cottage in Závist

The existing cottage is slowly coming to an end both in terms of construction and space. The owners are considering its adaptation to current requirements with a limited budget.

With regard to regulations and the character of the locality, we propose a compact shape with a gabled roof, following the original footprint of the garden cottage. The design seeks to reflect the typical materiality and color of cottage settlements. The design is therefore dominated by light materials, wooden beam construction with corrugated fiberglass tiles and a square format of wooden windows.

The investor's request was to adapt the existing cottage on the land in question to a four-room cottage with one bathroom, a common living area with a kitchen and a dining area. The size considered by the investor was to be close to a floor plan of 7x9 m. From these requirements and distances from neighboring recreational facilities, the location of the newly proposed cottage on the plot resulted. According to the construction program, the design placed a social part with a bathroom, storage niches and one room on the ground floor, the other three rooms are in the attic, accessible by stairs.

The construction of the house is designed as a standard wooden building made of wooden beams 100 / 50 mm.

The walls between the beams and rafters are filled with mineral wool. The wall is equipped with a vapor barrier from the inside, limiting the diffusion of steam into the wall and an OSB board, which also fulfills a static function. The inner face of all walls in the interior is formed by additional insulation 40 mm thick, in which the pipe and wire distributions of the house are made. The internal wall cladding is OSB or SDK boards.

The roofing consists of corrugated fiberglass boards with safety waterproofing and a ventilated gap. The composition of the attic ceiling will be made of OSB boards laid on the ceiling beams. The lower structure of the cottage consists of foundations, concrete blocks and reinforced concrete slabs. Ventilation of the foundations is by means of plastic pipes placed in the embankment under the slab and led out above the roof of the building. A ventilated facade made of corrugated fiberglass boards was designed on the wooden structure of the house. Behind the ventilated gap, a grate of laths is anchored to the supporting structure of the cottage. Facade fibrous insulation boards are inserted between the slats. Windows and doors are designed as simple wooden europrofiles with double glazing. The wooden elements of the terraces and railings will be made of larch wood impregnated with oil.

The color of the cottage will be determined mainly by red boards made of corrugated fiberglass, designed as a roof covering and facade cladding. At the same time, the requirement according to the zoning plan is met. Other constructions will be mainly wooden elements made of natural light wood impregnated with oil. The chimney of the stove exhaust will be self-supporting stainless steel.


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