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Family house Brno, Soběšice, 2010

Family house

The family house concerned is located in the Soběšice quarter on the northern outskirts of Brno. It is situated on the axis of the newly built Výzkumní street. Its mass closes the view through this street. The structure of the nearby family houses is solitary, without the traditional rural character. Hence, we used the expression and morphology typical of the contemporary fresh urban architecture with a hint of constructivism.

The family house is designed as a two-storey type. The mass of the house is composed of three oblong prisms, which are piled on each other. Two open parking places are being built on the ground floor towards the street. The middle of the composition includes the central mass, which forms the main backbone communication in the house. A terrace, linked by a staircase to a garden, is emerging on the elevated floor, next to the residential section. The building is embedded in a slightly sloping ground.

The layout of the house is divided into three layout blocks. The ground floor includes a working section with two studios. The elevated floor includes a social zone of the house. Its living room with a kitchen and a dining room are designed as open space there. The northern part of the house (stage II of the construction) encompasses the ground floor section, which includes a calm zone with three rooms and a bathroom. A notional communication backbone of the house consists of a hallway, which crosses the centre of the layout. On the ground floor, it protrudes from the house mass into the open garage parking places. Two staircases are located at both of its ends.

The ground floor of the house is designed out of concrete load-bearing plates. The structural frame of the elevated floor is made of a steel skeleton. The envelope is designed out of PUR panels. The exterior layer is made of pure polycarbonate. The interior walls are mostly made of laminated plates. The floors are designed out of Marmoleum.

photo©ludmila fóblová

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