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Interior - Attorney office BBH Prague, district Petrská Čtvrť, 2005

Interior - Attorney office BBH

The investor required designing new client spaces for a young growing law firm. A representative entrance hall with a reception desk and four meeting rooms was built in the centre of Prague, in an administrative building of the 1990s.

The layout is based on the relationship between a central convex illuminated core and a concave wall, which optically closes the entrance hall. Entrances into the individual meeting rooms lead from the hyperbolic wall. To achieve the maximum elegance, a specially designed concave jamb-free door, flush with the surrounding wall, is set in the wall, finished with zebrano veneer.

For an illusion of the greatest lightness, the central core is composed of two backlit coatings, which are independent of each other. The core also serves as an advertising sign with the company logo, which naturally guides clients from the lift hall towards the premises of the firm.

photo©david židlický

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