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Reconstruction and interior - Villa Praha, Střešovice, 2018

Reconstruction and interior - Villa

The reconstruction of the villa in Střešovice is specific to its location and investors. The investors were looking for a house to renovate in the vicinity of Ořechovka for several years, but in the end they succeeded. They turned to us after they got acquainted with the reconstruction of the house in Všenory. Although the house was renovated in the 1990s, it still did not suit the ideas of the new owners in terms of layout or construction inside. Based on their requirements, we modified all floors except the attic and, above all, expanded the garage with another parking space. Due to the fact that they lived abroad for a long time, they had a very specific idea of the shape of the interior. They demanded some details and elements with a historicist appearance, but sensitively complemented by modern furniture and materials. This fusion created a historic house with a new layout and interior connecting non-violently old times and modern living.

Photography © Petr Polák Photo

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