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Reconstruction and interior - Villa Všenory, 2009

Reconstruction and interior - Villa

The reconstruction of the house in Všenory is specific, as the client is fond of the 1930s architecture and style. The original house was built on a slightly sloping plot of land with a south-western orientation, and overlooked the valley of the river Berounka. From the beginning, the design was driven by the effort to align and clear the house of its inconsiderate extension and façade cladding. Given today's housing demands and requirements, we eventually enlarged the primary mass of the house, built an entrance hall and a stone terrace. This provided the ground floor with an open dwelling space, linked with the garden over the terrace, a working room and a guest room with a toilet. The modification of the attic gave rise to two large children's rooms, a parent bedroom, a wardrobe and a bathroom with a toilet. The original basements were dehumidified, and now they are used as technical facilities of the house, a laundry and a wine cellar. Regarding the house's exterior as well as interior appearance, we strove to observe the character of the time when it was built, but without using too many decorative elements. On the exterior, the greatest emphasis was placed on the selection and structuring of windows and exterior doors, the chambranles around windows and the colour diversity. The interior was based on quality oak floors, Terrazzo renovation, oak lining of the original staircase with a large skylight and retro bathrooms. Quality workmanship of the traditional crafts was always a matter of course. The impression is completed by a few pieces of sitting furniture, just as new elements of built-in or free-standing interior equipment in a modernistic style and perfect craftsmanship. Last but not least, this harmonic unity is completed by a garden with a gazebo, and a shaded shelter for cars. A brand-new dimension was added to it when works of art were displayed there.

photo©robert žákovič

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