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Showroom for custom made taylor Janek Praha, 2017

Showroom for custom made taylor Janek

We designed a simple and elegant interior for the client with regard to his fashion products - mostly shirts, suits and jackets. Just as JANEK "tailors", we designed a new showroom for him in the same way. The minimal equipment is designed to make fabrics, shirts, accessories stand out, but in perfect detail and elegant design.

The project addresses the design rebirth of the ready-made shirts store into a custom tailoring showroom with a much wider range. This is a shop in the historical center of Prague. The newly designed store is to become the new flagship of JANEK's stores. Our effort was to present the entire range of the company in an elegant and effective way. This is a men's social mode: shirts, suits, sweaters, coats, but also various accessories and custom shoes. We placed emphasis on the presentation of individual pieces of the assortment as solitary objects that will have room to stand out. The store itself consists of two parts. Towards the street, there is a showroom behind the shop windows, accessible to all visitors. In the back part, a room is designed, which serves as a tailor's salon for placing orders with clients at appointment. The main artistic motif of the store is a wall of vertically placed cylinders of various diameters, on which the fabrics used for the production of shirts are wound. We simply used a characteristic element known from all tailoring workshops. The wall with the logo forms an imaginary back and unifies the entire space of the showroom. The inspiring element of the original interior were flat vaults, which give the space a special character and distinguish it from shops, for example in shopping centers. To present the products, we designed the most subtle system of black shelves possible, which are anchored in slender uprights winding over almost the entire height of the room. We enlivened this austere composition of white and black with two solitary tables with glass showcases, which are made of oak veneer in a natural shade. The walls of the store are covered with light gray-beige wallpaper with a delicate motif reminiscent of fabric. Back room - the room for placing commissions on suits is designed rather in simple shades of gray, so that it does not disturb the color when choosing various fabrics and tuning individual "clothing components".

foto©robert žákovič

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